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Ashro Fabrics, USA

Ashro is the leading brand of designer quality ethnic fabrics. We work with retailers, designers, furniture and apparel manufacturers. All prints are copyrighted. Design and manufacturer of high quality woven cottons,  rayons,  and silks in ethnic prints.

Fabrics Supplied:  Woven Fabric, Printed Fabric, Design
Fibers Supplied:  Metallic, Cotton, Rayon, Silk, Jute
Company Type: Textile Mill, Sales Office, Finished Textile Products
Minimum Order Quantity (linear yards):  0-50

Ashro Fabrics 
Monroe, Wisconsin - US, United States

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Reader Comments (2)


We, the experts and students of Creative College of Art and Design have made about fifty designs for lawn and silk suiting ( 3 pieces). These designs are entirely appealing and absolutely new. You will see these designs for the first time in your life.
We want to show these designs to you so that you can select these designs. The money raised through this process will be used for the development and progress of this college.
This money will be considered a donation from you for this noble deed. We the administration of Creative College of Art and Design expect a positive response from you for this kind act.


Chairman's Creative College of Art and Design Vehari
adress: 42-N Sharqi Colony Vehari

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