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Dazian, USA

We provide creative fabric environments for special events, parties and theatrical productions.  We have in-house design studios and offer custom sewing and printing on the east and west coasts, and our products can be purchased or rented.

Fabrics Supplied:  Canvas, Muslin, Duck, Fabrics for Printing, PFP, Fabrics for Lighting, Special Effects and Projection, Lining, Masking and Blackout, Metallic, Mesh, Glitter and Shine, Projection Materials, Scrim, Netting, Gauze and Mesh, Sheers and Silks, Stretch Fabrics, Technical Fabrics, Trims and Sewing Supplies, Velvets and Velours
Fibers Supplied:  Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, Nylon, Silk, Metallic, Lurex, Spandex
Minimum Order Quantity (linear yards):  50-100

South Hackensack, NJ; Sun Valley, CA; Orlando, FL; Las Vegas, NV, US - United States

Keywords:  Party, Theatre, Custom Sewing, Rental Programs, Custom Printing, Digital Printing, Print Substrates, Hardware, Projection Screens, Home Theatre, Flame Retardants, FR Fabrics Accessories and Supplies, Architectural Shapes, and Forms, Banners,  Signage, Ceilings, Canopies and Tents, Costumes and Masks, Interiors and Themed Environments, Lighting and Special Effects, Merchandising Displays, Outdoor Applications, Panels, Wall Coverings, Curtains, and Drape, Party and Event Decorating, Props, Scenery, and Set Dressing, Scenic Backdrops, Cycs, and Screens, Theatrical Drapery, Linings, and Masking, Theatre


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