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Donaldson Filtration Solutions,  USA

Donaldson Filtration Solutions is a manufacturer off high performance films and laminates. Capabilities include custom lamination and co-marketing programs for the worldwide apparel market.   Donaldson Company is a worldwide manufacturer of expanded ePTFE membranes, and sub-micron polymeric nanofiber materials.  Our membranes are fabricated in a variety of proprietary pore structures, widths, thickness and lengths, providing flexibility to meet your needs. The diversity of our products enables us to solve tough problems in a variety of markets including, Industrial Filtration, Pharmaceutical, Microfiltration, Fuel Cell, Venting and Medical.

Company Type: Textile Converter

Markets served:  Textiles and fabrics for orit/DCE, Engine, Vehicle & Aftermarket. Emission Control and Exhaust Products, Ultrafilter, Industrial Hydraulics, Hydraulic filters and accessories, replacement cartridges, Donaldson Triboguard™, T.R.A.P.™ breathers, Defense, Military, Air Inlet Filters, Power Generation, Spider-Web, XLR, D-Salt and Field Service, Process Filtration, Aerospace. Breather Filters & Sensor Filters, Micro-Environment Venting. Microelectronics, Breather Filters, Label Filters, Acoustic Vents, Sensors, and Ostomy Bag Vents. Semiconductor, Lighography, Lithoguard, Carbon Filter, Point of Use filters, ePTFE Filter Media Membranes, Nanofiber, PTFE Filter Media, ePTFE, Rolled Goods, Industrial Products, Vacuum & Floor Care Industry

Minimum Order Quantity (linear yards):  100-500

Donaldson Filtration Solutions  
1400 W 94th Street
Bloomington, MN 55431
Minnesota, US - United States

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