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Ibena Inc., USA

Fabrics  and Textiles offered include:  
Technical Textiles:  Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial, Aramid, banner, Extreme High Temperature, Filter, Flame Resistant, Ink-Jet Printable, Wide Width, Military, Monofilament, Napped, Windscreen.  Fabric for digital direct print with solvent, eco-solvent and uv-curable inks.
Interior Home and Contract Textiles: Jacquard Woven Blankets and Throws, Flame Retardant.  
Theatrical Textiles:   Flame-retardant, seamless scenery muslin is available in many colors and widths up to 480". Fine, light weight cotton gauze, image and artist canvas up to 396" in width. Extra wide, soft hand fabrics (Commando and Duvetyne  cloth) which are napped, brushed, dyed and flameproofed up to 155" wide.
Fibers:  Cotton, Acrylic
124 Tradd Street
Spartanburg SC 29301


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