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Kravat Fabrics, Inc., USA

Largest decorative American distributor of designer home furnishings fabrics.  Furniture & upholstery fabric and textiles.  Home fashions.

Fabrics Supplied:  Woven Fabric, Printed Fabric, Piece Dyed Fabric, Yarn Dyed Fabric
Fibers Supplied: 
Metallic, Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, Ramie, FlaxLinen, Silk, Jute, Wool
Company Type:
Textile Jobber, Sales Office
Minimum Order Quantity
(linear yards):  0-50+

Kravat Fabrics,  Inc.
225 Central Ave. South
Bethpage NY 11714 US
New York, United States

Phone:  516-293-2000

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