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Sauleda, S.A.,  Spain

Founded in 1897 we have a spinning mill for our acrylic yarn,   a weaving mill and coating line for our pvc fabric. We specialize in awning fabric, and we export 50% of our production all over the world. 

Fabrics Supplied:  Woven Fabric, Yarn
Fibers Supplied:  Acrylic, Polyester
Company Type: Textile Mill
Minimum Order Quantity (linear yards):  5000+

Sauleda,  S.A.  
Travesera De Las Corts
102  Barcelona  8028 ES

Phone:  0034.93/3397150

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name Faisal fida

mobile +923216702842

Education 10th

age 27

country Pakistan

city Rahim Yar Khan

I'm working in an office noor fatima textile mills

I need to work better situation in my country because

it takes work to come in your country please give me a

job thanks to a poor man every qysm Work can be

thanks full to you sir pls my help me

01.13 | Unregistered Commenterfaisal
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