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Texel, Canada

Roll goods manufacturer covering a full range of applications. Innovation, extensive reaseach & development (R&D). Two production plants.   Finishing capabilities:  coating, impregnating, calendering, singeing, glazing and tear setting  Industries served:  Footwear, Filtration, Agrotextiles,  Geotextiles,  Industrial

Fabrics Supplied:  Fiber, Yarn,  NonWoven Fabric, Non Woven Fabric, Needlepunch, Needle Punch Fabrics
Fibers Supplied:  Acrylic, Nylon, Olefin, Polyester, Rayon
Company Type: TextileManufacturer, Sales Office, Finished Textile Products
Minimum Order Quantity (linear yards):  500+

485 Des Erables 
St-Elzear-De-Beauce Quebec PQ CA

Phone:  1-800-463-8929

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